Stuck in a Loop

Many times in life it seems that we are stuck in a loop. For some of us, we might be able to recognize the “loop” and work on getting ourselves out of the loop. And for many others, they know they are stuck in a loop but either do not know what to do about it or just do not want to do anything about it except complain about it. Little do they know that just the act of complaining keeps them stuck in the loop. And yet they keep on complaining. What good does complaining do for a person? Maybe in the moment, one feels “better” about their life and being stuck in the loop. However, that relief is short lived because complaining does not lead one to action. Rather it just leads one to stay stuck in the the loop. Which person are you?

Namaste, my friends.

Want help getting unstuck from your loop? Horse Guided Life Coaching is an incredible effective way to learn new skills in the moment while working with horses (no horse experience necessary) that will help you get unstuck from your loop. For more information and to schedule your first session with the horses and myself, visit 

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