Confusion and Anxiety

We all have confusion from time to time. And yet, it seems we are all more and more confused more and more of the time. Maybe it is because we are all “running around” trying to get “everything” done and yet all we do is run around. To me this is where the confusion comes into play. We find ourselves asking “Did I reply to that email already? Did I call them back? Have they responded to me? Should I reach out again?” And many other questions that just seems to lead us to more confusion. Technology is “supposed” to make our lives easier. To me, it doesn’t make my life easier. To me, all it does is create more confusion and disconnection. At some point, we will collapse, because we cannon keep going with all of this confusion all around us.

Namaste, my friends.

Are you struggling to manage your confusion which is creating more anxiety for you on a daily basis? Then come try a session with the horses. Horses live in the present moment and when you are interacting with the horses, they teach you how to become more present and therefore reducing your confusion and anxiety. Sounds interesting? Sounds like something you would like to try? Visit to get started today!

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