Under the Surface

For many of us, anger, frustration and rage sit just below the surface. Just below the surface of our consciousness. Just below our radar. Just below the surface. And this is dangerous. Especially if we are not aware of it. Or we are aware of it and choose to ignore it and hope it goes away. But for how many people does this actually work? The answer is none. It will never work. To stuff away our anger, frustration, and rage. You see, emotions are just energy. Nothing more, nothing less. And by the law of physics, energy can never be created nor destroyed. Only transferred or transmuted. And what this means, is that at some point the energy from anger, frustration, and rage (and this applies to ALL of our emotions) MUST be released. And when one is not aware of this building energy, it explodes. It erupts. It must be released. However, when one is NOT aware or ignoring the signs that anger, frustration, and rage are just under the surface, the impeding release is anything but “pretty.” And sometimes the release, can be deadly because it is what is just under the surface, that must rise and come to the surface to be released, no matter what. 

This is the process of emotions in life.


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