The Void

The definition of void is containing nothing, not occupied, not inhabited, empty space, the state of being without something or someone, a feeling of want or hollowness. We have all experienced a void in our life of one kind or another. The void is usually around losing something or someone. We say we have a void in our hearts or our souls. When we lose something or someone, we tend to get stuck in the void. We see our life as a void. An empty space. Nothingness. When we get stuck in this place we can become depressed and/or anxious as we do not know how to live life in the void. But what if we look learning how to live with the void? When we lose someone close to us, the empty space they leave in our hearts, souls, and life, will never be filled by them again. The void will always be there. So what if we learn to work with the void rather than resist it? Loss is just a natural part of life. Granted it sucks but it is part of life that there is nothing we can do to stop it. We need to learn to live with the void rather than become the void. Otherwise, we can become the void.

Namaste, my friends.

Want to learn how to live with the void rather than be in the void? The way to learn this new perspective and skill set for life is through working with horses. Horse Guided Life Coaching can help you learn how to live with the void rather than be the void by engaging in activities with the horses. For more information and to book your first session today, visit 

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