Trying to Cheat Life

Life is a process. Life gets much better for us when we learn to trust the process rather than resist it. Yet, time and time again, people constantly try to cheat life. Cheat the process. Take a short cut. Not do their work. Not put in the effort required to achieve one’s goals. They cheat. Or at least they try to cheat. However, life does not cheat. Life does not like cheaters. Life will correct the imbalances one tries to create when one tries to cheat life. Ask yourself, “How many times have I tried to cheat life?’ Now ask yourself, “How did that work for me?” Trying to cheat life is a waste of time, effort, and energy. I have found life gets much easier when I trust the process of life rather than trying to cheat life. 

Namaste, my friends.

Tried of trying to cheat life? Want to learn a new way of being in life? Look no further than to horses. Horses live in the now. They live in the present moment. And in the present is the only place in time where we can make shifts in our lives for the better. So rather than keep trying to cheat life, come learn how to trust the process of life by working with horses. For more information and to schedule your first horse guided life coaching session with the horses, visit  

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