When life throws us curve balls and unexpected issues in our lives, once we are through those rough times, we need to allow ourselves time for recovery. Many of us deal with life’s issues only to jump right back into more issues. Then we wonder why we are not functioning well. Why we are not eating or sleeping well. Why we do not feel like ourselves. Or why we cannot seem to get moving forward. Why we only seem to be going backwards. These are the times when we are questioning ourselves that we need to “push pause” on life and take some time for recovery. Time for ourselves to heal, mend, grow, and learn. Without time for recovery, we cannot heal, mend, grow and learn. We become stagnant and stuck. And then we find ourselves asking “How did I get to this place again? How did I let this happen again? How did I end up repeating my past yet again?” We end up stagnant and stuck because we do not allow ourselves the time for recovery. If you broke you arm, you would allow yourself time to recover, right? And yet, our society “says” taking time to recover yourself, your mental, emotional, and spiritual self is not something you should do. You should “just get over it and let it go.” How well would that mentality work about your broken arm? Just food for though while you are taking time for your recovery.

Want to learn new ways to help you recover from life’s curve balls and unexpected issues? Horse guided life coaching is an amazing in the moment way to work with horses to help learn new ways of recovering in your life. Horses are amazing mirrors of us whether we are aware of ourselves and our issues or not. Want to know more about this in the moment, one of kind way of learning new skills for life? Visit for more information.

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