Setting and Holding Boundaries

It is not an easy thing to do. Set and hold boundaries. Especially when you know the people you are setting and holding boundaries for are not going to react well. And yet it is a sign of strength to be able to set and hold boundaries despite other’s negative reactions. This is not easy to do. However, we are only responsible for ourselves. We are NOT responsible for others. Therefore we must be able to set and hold OUR boundaries when others want to push through our boundaries. This is not easy to do. However, many times doing the correct thing for ourself is never the easy thing to do. And yet it needs to be done. Boundaries are what help keep us safe. And only ones that are responsible for our safety is ourselves. No one else. No matter what. Setting and holding boundaries are not easy things to do, yet they are absolutely 100% necessary in order to feel and be safe within one’s own life.

Namaste, my friends.

Need help learning how to set and hold healthy boundaries? How about learning by working with horses through horse guided life coaching? By working with horses you can learn how to set and maintain healthy boundaries by getting instant feedback from the horses. Then you get to decide if what you did actually worked for you or not. How powerful is that? For more information and to sign up today for your horse guided life coaching session at

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