Washing Away the Pain

When we cry, we are washing away the pain in a natural way. But for many of us, we have been taught that crying makes us “weak” or something else negative. How can something we are born to do be so “wrong?” We cried as infants and no one questioned if the infant was “weak.” We listened to the infant’s cry and knew it meant something, even if we didn’t fully understand. Where did crying take a “turn for the worse?” How did we become so disconnected from something that is so powerful and natural? No matter if we we are male or female. We are all born to cry. It is a natural process to help us release our trapped energy that we call emotions. To help us release away the pain rather than stuff it and hide it. At some point, the energy must be released in some form or another. Why not just cry and let the natural healing process take place? Something to ponder.

Namaste, my friends.


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