Creating a New Path

We all have the power to create a new path in life. However, for many of us, we are stuck on the same path over and over and over again. We know deep down inside that we are stuck and yet we are terrified to start on a new path. We do not believe in ourselves. We do not believe we are capable of shifting our life. We do not believe we are worthy of a better life. We do not believe that if we do start to create a new path that the path will be sustainable. We have experienced in our lives too many times where things were going “right” and then they “fell apart.” We become blind to the fact that it is us that is causing things to “fall apart” at the moment. That we are self-sabotaging our path. That we are creating our own self fulfilling prophesy. It is sad to know that if we have the power to create what we DO NOT want, then we have the power to create what we DO want. And yet we stay blind and numb to this fact. We are too scared about the unknown to venture out from our known. And because of this fear, we will not be able to start creating a new path in our lives. It is only when we get to a place where we are more scared about WHERE we are currently than where we are going, that we will start to shift. We will start to shift towards creating the new path that we actually want. And until this shift happens, we will be stuck with the past. And to me, this is a very sad fact about humans and our lives.

Namaste, my friends.

Would you like a powerful and sustainable way to learn how to shift yourself and start creating the new life path you want, need, and deserve? Horse guided life coaching is a powerful coaching way to help you learn how to move forward with the life you actually want. This movement forward is created  by working with horses through activities designed to show you how to help you see where you are stuck and learn how to get unstuck. Horses are amazing animals that have the ability to mirror our deepest thought and emotions without judgement, allowing us to truly “see” where we are stuck. For more information about horse guided life coaching and to book your first session, visit:

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