Can’t Push the River

Ever hear that phrase before? How many times in our lives do we push the river rather than going with the flow? How many times are we not even aware we are pushing the river? Maybe we are in denial. Maybe we have been blinded by past experiences. Maybe we think we know better than the river? But how many times have we found ourselves drowning in the river? How many times do we not ask for help or clarity? How many times do we think we will overcome the river? I don’t know about you but I have learned that I cannot push the river. And every time I have tried to push the river, I have nearly drowned. So now I just go with the river rather than push against it.

Want to learn how not to push the river in your life? Horse guided life coaching is an in the moment, interactive way of working with horses to help you figure out how to stop pushing the river in your life. For more information and to schedule your first horse guided life coaching session, visit

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