Connection with Self

 It takes time….a long time to learn how to connect with yourself. It takes trials and tribulations. It takes pain and suffering. It takes time and patience. It takes dedication to learn how to stick with the process. It takes perseverance to overcome the dread and feelings of wanting to give up. To quit on yourself. And yet, somehow, you find yourself connected with yourself in a way you have never been connected before. You find you are trusting yourself more. You find you are more forgiving of yourself. You find yourself actually starting to like, even love yourself. Something you thought you would never be able to do. Something you thought you would never be able to understand. And yet, here you are. Speaking your truth. Knowing your truth. Trusting your truth. All, because you have a developed a connection with yourself. And this connection takes time. However, once you have a connection with yourself, you will never want to leave yourself alone again.

Want to learn how to connect with yourself by working with horses? Horse guided life coaching is a powerful and unique way to learn how to connect with yourself in the present moment. Through specially designed activities, you will learn new and exciting ways to connect with yourself through the healing powers of horses. For more information and to book your first session today, visit

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