What is gratitude? By definition it is the quality of being thankful and showing appreciation. But what does that actually mean? To me, gratitude is something that needs to be developed and learned. We need to start developing gratitude by starting with grace. Grace for ourselves. Grace for others in our lives. Grace is showing ourselves forgiveness for things that we didn’t know better. And for things that we did know better. Grace is allowing ourselves to accept that we “did the best we could with what we had at that moment.” No more and no less. We learn to accept this. We learn how to start showing ourselves and others grace. And by practicing grace every day we start to move towards gratitude. You see we have to learn how to be grateful as most of us have been taught to only look at the “bad stuff.” That we have “nothing to be grateful for.” So if we can learn how to not be grateful, we do have the ability to learn how to be grateful. And that is something to show gratitude for. Gratitude is just a different attitude.

Namaste, my friends.

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