We have all felt unappreciated at one point in our lives. It is not a nice feeling. It hurts. We feel alone and lonely. We may feel “not good enough. Or we may feel “stupid” or “invisible.” We may get angry or depresses. We may feel anxiety like we are “never going to be seen.” We may feel trapped or we may want to escape these uncomfortable feelings. We are taught that being uncomfortable with our feelings is something we should avoid at all costs. And yet the avoidance is what costs us the most. What if we started appreciating ourselves more? What if we acknowledged our accomplishments in the moment rather than waiting on others to do this for us? Would that help reduce our uncomfortableness around the feelings of being unappreciated? Something to ponder. Because one way or another, we all will feel unappreciated by others in our life. It’s just a matter of how you want to handle the feeling of being unappreciated.

Namaste, my friends.

Want to learn new ways to manage your emotions? Horse guided life coaching is a great way to learn how to reconnect with yourself and learn how to be uncomfortable in the moment by working side by side with horses. Horses have the amazing ability to reflect our innermost emotions and help us learn how to manage them in the present moment. For more information and to book your first session, visit http://www.spiritmountainhealing.com. 

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