Fear and Panic

It strikes us when we least expect it. Fear. Fear that leads to panic. That leads us to feeling frozen or stuck. Maybe we feel broken. Maybe we don’t know what to feel. Maybe we feel overwhelmed and overloaded. Maybe we are just in denial. Maybe we are numb. Maybe we don’t even know that we are feeling fear and panic. And maybe we do we just don’t know what to call it. Maybe we feel our heart racing. Maybe we feel our breathing become shallow and short. Maybe we feel tingling in our hands. Maybe we know what we are feeling, we just don’t want to accept it. Maybe we have been taught that being fearful makes us weak or stupid or not good enough. Maybe we have been taught that feeling any emotion is “wrong.” That it makes us
“less then.”  And maybe this is why we experience fear and panic daily in our lives. Because we are actually afraid of fear and panic and don’t know what to do about it.

Namaste, my friends.


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