If We Believe We Can Fly

What if we believed we could fly? And not physically fly but fly spiritually, emotionally, and mentally? What if we could release ourselves from the things that bind us to the “ground?” That trap us in fear and darkness? In despair and hopelessness? What if there is a way to release us and let us be able to fly free? What if we just start to believe the we can release what is holding us down? What if we just start to believe that anything is possible if we just start. If we just decide to take a risk and leave our comfort zone? To me, our comfort zone is what holds us captive to the “ground.” Our comfort zone is what holds us back from believing we can fly. And if we do not have the belief that we can fly, then we will always stay “grounded” and weighed down. So, in this New Year, I challenge you to start stepping outside your comfort zone so you can start learning how to fly. But first you must learn how to believe in yourself. And that is the first step in believing you fly. 

Namaste, my friends.


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