We have all struggled with things in our lives. Whether the things are people, relationships, situations or circumstances, or life in general, we have all struggled to get through those things. It is not easy to do especially since we are told that we “should not be struggling.” That we “should be” XYZ. That we “should be happy or blessed or be positive.” That we “should be okay or fine” even when we are not those things.  You see, life is not always positive. Life is not always “okay or fine.” Sometimes life sucks. Life is a challenge and a struggle. Life is unhappy and not okay and fine. And so we find ourselves struggling. We find ourselves alone. We find ourselves “sitting with our emotions” trying to make sense of things or just trying to get through the emotions of the day. And so we find ourselves struggling. And when we reach out for help and support more times than not we are told “go do this or go do that or you need to do this or think about this or don’t think about this” etc. When at that time all most of us want is someone to say, “It’s going to be okay. Just feel what you need to feel so you can move on. I get you. I understand where you are coming from. I am here for you. And today it is okay for you not to be okay.” But for most of us, we do not get that support. We do not get the validation that we need at that time. And that is why we find ourselves struggling in the moment. 

Namaste, my friends.

Are you struggling to find support, understanding and help in your life? Do you want to learn how to “sit with your emotions” in a non-judgmental environment? Then, horse guided life coaching is what you have been looking for. By working directly with horses in a safe and non judgmental environment, you can discover how to manage your life struggles in a healthier way. Horses have the amazing ability to mirror our emotions back to us so we can learn how to “sit with our emotions” and release the past. For more information and to book you first horse guided life coaching session, visit:

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