Toxic Relationships

Many of us have experienced toxic relationships in one form or another.  Toxic relationships are one-sided, abusive and unsafe most of all. And yet for many, we stay in these toxic relationships. For some, it is a matter of time before they leave the relationship. And for others, they spend their entire life in a toxic relationship. So what is a toxic relationship? By definition, it is a relationship that makes one person feel unsupported, demeaned, attacked, and/or misunderstood. A relationship is toxic when your well-being and safety is being threatened in some way, whether that is psychologically, physically, and/or emotionally. Just like anything that is toxic for us, a toxic relationship will eventually kill us, even if the “death” is not a physical death. We lose our sense of self worth, self confidence, self esteem, our own identity. We find we have to “shut down” parts of us that are not acceptable or safe to show the person who is toxic. And that means we cannot be authentic. We become scared of the repercussions from showing who we are. We adapt to meet the toxic person’s expectations in order to protect ourselves and try to keep ourselves safe. When the 2 ways we can keep ourself safe is to either leave the toxic relationship or the toxic person decides to get professional help. Other than those 2 options, a toxic relationship will destroy one or both of the people in the relationship. It is just a matter of time.

Namaste, my friends.

Looking for help to heal from a toxic relationship? What better support than from a horse who will not judge you for your past. Horse guided life coaching is a great way to heal from toxic relationships in a non-judgmental, safe environment while interacting with horses. For more information and to schedule your first horse guided life coaching session, visit

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