Toxic Denial

What is toxic denial? Toxic denial is where you are in denial about your situation, your life, your relationships and yet do nothing different about those issues.The toxic part is where you convince yourself that what you NEED to be true is actually true even though it isn’t actually true. Toxic denial is the process of convincing yourself that “everything is going to be okay.” That everything and everybody is going to do exactly what you need and want them to do. And if those things and people do not do those things, then you will blame and shame them and continue to be in denial about what your part was. You will not take any responsibility for your part. For your actions or inactions. You will stay in denial even though the facts around you point to something completely different. This is the toxic part because at some point the denial will become toxic to you and that is when everything will come crashing down on top of you. And yet you will still try your hardest to stay in toxic denial.

Namaste, my friends.

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