Freaking Out

We all freak out in our lives. Sometimes the freaking out is negative but sometimes it is positive. And when our “norm” has been freaking out because of negativity, when we freak out because of something positive, we tend to freak out even more. Now this is not necessarily a “bad” thing. It is just different. It is our self awareness that helps us see and know the difference. And this is why freaking out is not always a “bad” thing. Because through the positive freaking out, we are releasing parts of our past, and moving forward into a better present and an even better future. And moving forward is what makes life worthwhile. So, next time you find yourself freaking out, just consider that the freaking out just may be there to help you release and move forward rather than keeping you stuck.

Namaste, my friends.

Now sure if your freaking out is because of something negative or positive? What better way to figure that information out then working with horses in the moment? Curious on how this process works? Then visit to learn more about how horse guided life coaching and therapy can help you learn how to manage yourself better. 

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