False Reality

False reality is something either we, ourselves have experienced or we know someone who has experienced false reality. What is false reality? To me, it goes along the lines of denial but on a different path. False reality is more about living in your own world rather than the world that is around you or being presented to you. Living with what you want or think things should be rather then what they actually are. Example, not having running water in you house, but saying you are just fine with buying bottled water for everything you do in your house that requires water. Rather than looking at the reality of why you don’t have running water, you look for ways to “cover it up” and create a false reality. When the true reality of the situation is you do not have running water because you do not have money because you do not have a job. That is the reality but you choose to make your own reality, which is a false reality. And this is how we get stuck. By choosing to live in a false reality. At some point, reality will come crashing down on top of you. It is only a matter of time. So what will you choose; true reality or a false reality? The decision is yours and yours alone to make. Just know that all choices have consequences. 

Namaste, my friends.


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