Making Mistakes

We all make mistakes. That is just a part of life. But how many times do we try to avoid making a mistake? That we think if I do not make mistakes, I will be “happy.” Then life hits us, and we make a mistake. However, rather than looking at the mistake as an opportunity to learn, we try to avoid the mistake. Pretend it is not there. That it never happened. The process of avoiding the mistake leads us to denial, which then leads us to repeating the mistake over and over and over again. It is when we allow ourselves, however painful it may be, to look at the mistake. To accept we made a mistake. And then choose to learn from the mistake. That is when we learn that mistakes are just part of life and it is up to us on how we use mistakes in our lives. We can either choose to learn and grow from the mistakes or stay trapped in a cycle that keeps repeating itself. The choice is ours. What will you choose today?

Namaste, my friends.

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