New Beginnings

Life is full of new beginnings. Sometimes we are aware of them and welcome them with open arms. And sometimes we resist the new beginnings. We are fearful. We do not want a new beginning and yet is still happens to us. Spring is all about new beginnings and we do not find ourselves trying to “push away” spring. We generally find ourselves celebrating spring and the newness that spring brings with it. So what if we embrace new beginnings in our life? What if we embrace the fears we have about new beginnings rather than try and push them away? Wouldn’t life actually get a little easier? Wouldn’t we have more energy to actually enjoy the new beginnings? Wouldn’t we be able to be more present with those that we love and care about? Wouldn’t we be able to be more present with ourselves? And isn’t that what new beginnings offer us? Something to ponder.

Namaste, my friends.

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