Reflection. What is reflection? One definition is “the throwing back by a surface or body of sound, heat, or light without absorbing it.” The deeper definition is “serious consideration or thought.” Simple and yet so powerful. Just the act of reflection, or by this definition, self reflection is part of becoming self aware. And without self awareness, one does NOT move forward in life. One will stay stuck in toxicity and darkness. Even by the first definition, nothing can be reflected back in the darkness. There must be light, sound or even heat rather than nothingness. And without self awareness there is nothingness. Only darkness. And it is very challenging for one to move forward in the darkness for one cannot “see” the “obstacles” that are in their way. This is why reflection is so important in life. Because with reflection there is light to be able to “see” the “obstacles” that are in one’s path and to be able to safely navigate around them. Rather than to “blindly” keep going in the dark.

Namaste, my friends.

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