Listening to Ourselves

How any times have you heard that “little voice” inside your head and you decided to NOT listen to it? How many times did you not listen to it and things went horribly wrong for you? We all have that “little voice” and it is there for a reason. A very specific reason. To help guide us in this crazy world. To help us be better, to make better decisions, and to help keep us safe. But listening to ourselves requires that we slow down and actually LISTEN to that little voice. To actually hear what it is saying. Then we need to make some decisions on how to proceed. One thing we might do is get more information about what the little voice is saying. Another option is to just follow what the little voice is saying. Either way, it is a leap of faith and one that we must learn to trust ourselves to take by learning to listen to ourselves in a true and holistic way.

Namaste, my friends.

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