Out of the Comfort Zone

In order to grow one must move out of their comfort zone. Just like a seed that has been planted in the ground, at some point the seedling must break out of the darkness and into the light in order to grow and flourish. Growth in itself can be mildly uncomfortable to down right painful, and yet is through the pain that one grows in one’s life. This growth come from a deeper understanding of self or a deep release of thoughts and energies that are no longer serving us. Healing and growth are not linear and are messy to say the least. But just like a seeding who has pushed out of the comfort zone, of the darkness in the dirt, through growth comes the beauty and harvest of one’s hard work. So how will you push yourself out of your comfort zone today?

Namaste, my friends.

Looking for a different way to get yourself out of your comfort zone? How about working side by side on the ground with horses? Horse guided life coaching offers unique and individualized activities with horses to help people learn how to get out of their comfort zone to live a more authentic and rewarding life. For more information visit: http://www.spiritmountainhealing.com

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