Burned Out

We all have burned out at one time or another in our lives. We have all “hit the wall” and find ourselves just wanting to sit down at the base of the wall and take a break. It seems the collective puts a very high price on busyness and productivity. That some how you are “failing” if you are not constantly busy. But then burn out shows up and “everything goes out the window.” You find yourself stuck in boredom but too exhausted to “do anything.” And then you beat yourself up because you are not busy and accomplishing things. And the hamster wheel keeps spinning. Until one day, you say enough. And take a break to stop the cycle. So that you can actually get things done in an efficient and timely manner. Rather than constantly trying to do everything all at once.  This constant motion is what leads to being burned out. To feeling depleted and completely exhausted. How do you get ANYTHING done in this state? Well, you don’t. And you won’t until you take a break and push pause. You decide you want to sit and eat popcorn all day while bing watching your favorite show that you haven’t seen in months because you’ve “been too busy.” Or you decide to take a nap or get a massage or meditate or whatever YOU decide to do. And for many of us, just sitting there doing nothing, is the best and hardest thing to do because your brain will be telling you that you should be doing this, and you should be doing that. You know what I say to that voice in my head? “Shut up……I’m taking today off!! I’m burned out.”

Namaste, my friends.

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